The Story

Fat Girl Fudge: How it Began

Written by: Terri Hernandez (Founder)

As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed baking and cooking. For me it is relaxing, creative, and brings joy to other people. I baked my first pie, on my own, at age 9. I also won a purple ribbon at the county fair (highest honor) for Gingerbread, as a member of

the 4-H group. I didn’t even care for the flavor of gingerbread at the time.

I don’t quite remember when I started making fudge, or even why, it just sounded good. It was around Christmas time when I was a young teen Mom with 2 children. Eventually I was making fudge every Christmas and it became a tradition with my family. Every

Christmas I’d be asked if I was going to make fudge! Of course, I obliged.

It wasn’t until years later when I was contemplating starting my own fudge making business, that my Mom told me some family history. My biological Grandfather and biological Father (who I had limited contact with), also used to make fudge every year around the holidays! Apparently, it was a family tradition! Who knew!? I am assuming

it’s in our DNA…possibly a long line of chocolatiers from the Middle Ages?

Around my mid 30’s I was working in the healthcare industry as a marketer, I didn’t have passion for my job, and I wasn’t happy.  I started questioning my career choices. In search of something to bring me joy, I began making fudge and treats to take to work for my co-workers. Several of them would tell me, “you should sell this” or “you should open a store and make fudge.” I would laugh it off and say, “Yeah, and I will call my shop Fat Girl Fudge!” they all thought that was hilarious! Little did they know that my joking and witty comebacks in regards to my weight, were really just a way of covering up my insecurities for being the fat girl passing out treats at work.

So here I am today, in the business of making fudge, a passion that was unknowingly passed down through generations. I’m still ‘fat’, but embracing my authentic self, imperfections and all.  Loving everything Fat Girl Fudge has evolved to stand for.

I look at myself now, 58 and starting this venture for the 2nd time.  Realizing that anyone can do anything, at any time, as many times, at any age, no matter what labels are given to you.

At Fat Girl Fudge we believe that no one should let that ‘3 letter word’ define them.  ‘Fat’ is just a descriptor; it’s not a bad word and it shouldn’t be used to define someone’s future or how much potential they truly have. Like our tagline, “It’s what’s inside that counts''!  Fat can be smart, Fat can be confident, Fat can be beautiful, Fat can be successful, Fat does not mean you deserve less of or are unworthy of joy.

Fat Girls Fudge’s mission is not only to provide delicious handcrafted fudge, but to use the brand to empower young men & women! To give them the confidence and coping skills to be more than just descriptors that hold weight and potentially hold them back.  Fat Girl Fudge is committed to supporting local youth groups, sports teams, etc., we are focused on empowering young men and women teaching them valuable life skills, self-esteem, confidence and entrepreneurship. For more information or to suggest an organization for us to support, please email us at

I want to thank everyone who has helped me along my journey here, family, friends, and strangers who have become friends. Enjoy the fudge!

- Terri